The eternal question…
Probably the most important question asked everyday.

Question the status quo. It’s healthy and it’s necessary.

But I am sure you ask that question often. What am I doing and WHY do it that way? Is there a better way?

Who are we?

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Identity Development.

Your company image, from your customer service reputation to your brand consistency has a great deal to do with the success of any company.

Package Design

A package on a store shelf or inside a box just delivered is an opportunity to make a great first impression of your product.

Photography & Videography

The macro, the micro, the natural, the man made. The visual connection in the brain is strong. It has been a personal challenge to capture the world as I see it; to record the moment.


Illustration is the core of all design. When a photograph cannot fully capture or explain the subject, technical, line, or full color illustration may be the best solution.


I love to write for little projects, including videos and presentations.

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